Khotimsk Historical and Regional Studies Museum

The museum in Khotimsk is one of the youngest in the Mogilyov Region. The decision to open the museum was taken in 1996. The work started with studying the town history, regional features, collecting artifacts. The first exhibition hall «Ethnography» was opened in 1998. The total number of the items is 5,248 (2012). At the moment, there are three permanent exhibition halls in the museum. The purpose of the exhibition hall «Ethnography» is a reflection of the historical and ethnographic development of Khotimsk by the museum means. In the hall «Archaeology and Ancient History of Khotimsk», there are material complexes of different epochs from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, displaced chronologically. At the heart of the foundation of the exhibition hall «Homeland Nature», there is a principle of protection of nature, depicting relationship between people and nature, richness of flora and fauna in different seasons in Khotimsk. The museum has an exhibition hall for guest exhibitions and exhibitions from the museum funds and private collections.